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Cleanermen is a professional disinfection service in the state of Illinois. You can easily contact us by phone,via social network or at our site. Our services are available on work days and as well at weekends.

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, which has caused lots of trouble for households and workspaces,the most important thing for us is to remain composed and take care of our health as much as possible. In spite of all research and information on COVID19, they are still incomplete. Yet, the fact is, this dangerous virus is not hard to fight against. You can improve your security and health protection by being responsible and careful. According to the latest knowledge COVID19 is called an envelope virus, which means it has an outer envelope that's composed of proteins and fatty material called a lipid and for that reason, its destruction is possible. Therefore, the possibility of COVID19 survival depends on several factors:

1. Chest congestion degree

2. Outer temperature

3. Air humidity.

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